Empowering scientists and other professionals to emerge from what's no longer working in work and life. To discover solutions, navigate transitions, and pursue ambitions by uncovering what's most important for who you are today.


Welcome to Sequel to a PhD, where we are redefining what success in our lives can look like. Where we, as individuals, are creating our own stories, together.


  • What happens when we've worked so hard at something, for so many years, with so much time/money/energy investment, only to discover that this no longer feels like the life/work that's right for us?

  • How do we shift course, while navigating the expectations from our mentors, peers, family, society, and even our own thoughts about what success "should" look like?

  • How do we balance the pursuit of our values and dreams while meeting the very real demands that come with living in the real world? 



Offering Personalized 1:1 Coaching


Personalized coaching to support you in figuring out what you want, what's getting in the way, and how you want to move forward.

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About me


As a cancer research scientist for 17 years, I thought career success would always look like leading a research team to develop novel cancer therapies. In fact, my identity was so woven into this story that I couldn't imagine who I would be if I weren't a scientist.

And then in 2018, after having two kids (and realizing that I no longer wanted the scientist lifestyle), I left bench research to start my freelance medical writing business.

That's when I started to realize that "success" as a scientist doesn't have to look like research achievements, and it could accommodate my desire for more time, money, and freedom. 

Now, my goal is to empower other scientists who want more from life. Who want to make an impact through their work while also honoring their individual values, goals, and ambitions.

My mission is to provide coaching, support, and resources to enable each of us to make the changes needed to pursue careers beyond the bench or academia and define career success on our own terms.

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