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Offering Personalized Coaching or Consulting


Offering personalized 1:1 coaching. Submit coaching inquiry below to learn about packages offered and rates.


Is this you?

  • Feeling dissatisfied with some aspect of your work, but are unsure what you want to do next to address the issue
  • Looking for support in figuring out the answers for yourself, through questions to uncover your own thoughts and insights
  • Want help in trying to figure out what next move is right for you
  • Feeling "stuck" in a particular area or in working towards a specific goal and want to get unstuck
  • Have some beliefs about what others expect from you that are holding you back or getting in the way  

Coaching may be the right fit if you're looking for support in these types of areas.

In coaching, we use a collection of exercises, visualizations, and provocative questions designed to help you find your own insight to move forward toward what you really want. Unlike consulting, where I can share specific knowledge or feedback based on my experience, coaching is all about helping you find the answers for yourself.

If you're interested in learning more about working with me, submit the contact form below and I will reach out with more info.

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Offering single 1:1 consulting sessions to address specific strategy or technical questions.


Consulting may be the right fit if you are:

  • Looking for information about moving from scientific research positions to roles in medical writing, continuing medical education, starting a freelance business, or entrepreneurship
  • Seeking information or advice around starting points and/or resources to get started in these types of roles 
  • Wanting personalized recommendations for how to get started as a medical writer based on your unique experience and expertise


Book a consult via the link below to schedule a conversation, where we will address specific information, logistics, or strategy questions based on your personal experience and expertise.

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